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Marshall Williamson


Real World Application (RWA)


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Real World Application project will never have more than 200,000,000 Max supply. This is a business run by an American from Texas currently living full-time in Japan since 2001. Mr.(RWA) created on the XRP Ledger at the end of 2022. Utilizing cryptocurrency and already existing technology that can be used to help bridge that gap. RWA will support the setup of the ecosystem and help it thrive in the real world.

(RWA) Will be the official crypto currency used for purchasing goods and services after everything is completed in the entirety of all the tokens in the ecosystem are setup and built in the crypto space and the real world.


Now, let's talk about the important task ahead of us. The purpose of Real-World Application project is to create a cryptocurrency that can be applied to real world solutions by making food, water, housing more available to everyone within our designated location at the moment, but that could change, and we reserve the right to change project locations to go where we choose. Once we have successfully finished our project, we will expand from there into other needed areas and work to create a self-sufficient real-world ecosystem that can be implemented in areas in certain part of the world where it can be used to educate and reduce dependency on government aid. It is too difficult to do on a global scale due to crypto regulation, corruption, laws of certain nations etc.…

The founder has chosen the cryptocurrency method of collecting funds, so we are not indebted to banks or other institutions in order to reach our goals.



RWA Token Creation


DEX Token creation Launch Approximately 50–100M will be Released at different prices below .01 on https://sologenic.org to raise funds to jumpstart the other Tokens needed in the ecosystem after creation.

Release of whitepapers pertaining to the additional Tokens

All Ecosystem Tokens will be released one by one as funds become available to list them on https://sologenic.org DEX.

When Ecosystem completed in detail in the crypto space and real world, we will then release the Cell Phone application for RWA, which is the digital currency in this ecosystem that will allow you to purchase goods and services that we will offer in the future.


Tokens Released on the https://sologenic.org DEX.

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Project Team

Marshall Williamson/Founder

Vahnita Williamson/Business Director

Ashley Bernhardt/Social Media Director

Contact Information

Old School conventional e-mail is best:


Official Twitter@Marshal27227858

Official Website: https://marshallwilliamson.medium.com

Official Telegram: Telegram: https://t.me/+Zp5ZpC0TMFszODM9


Reserve the right to make any burns or changes to anything that we choose to or deem necessary at any time to improve RWA Token and all other Tokens created in the RWA ecosystem. Sometimes exact deadlines are not given. We are working hard to accomplish our Goals, things take time. This is not La-La land (crypto world). Things in the real world take time. It will be finished when its finished. This is not financial advice. Do your own Due Diligence.