Real World Food (RWF)

Marshall Williamson
2 min readJan 9, 2023


Real World Food (RWF) Dex-Exchange

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Real World Food project will never have more than 1,000,000 Max supply. Token symbol (RWF). Created on the XRP Ledger. This is a business setup and run by an American from Texas currently living full time in Japan since 2001.

Project Value

This is the Food Related Token in the RWA Ecosystem. Bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and farmable foods with open-source technology like the farmbot Genesis. RWF is one link in the chain to keep farmable food available and hopefully affordable.


RWF Token Creation

Dex Token Launch Approximately 50,000 released on soon after creation of the token.


Project Team

Marshall Williamson/Founder

Vahnita Williamson/ Business Director

Ashley Bernhardt/Social Media Director

Contact Information

Old School Conventional e-mail is best:

Official Twitter@Marshal27227858


Reserve the right to make any burns or changes to anything that we choose to or deem necessary at any time to improve RWA Token and all other Tokens created in the RWA ecosystem. Sometimes exact deadlines are not given. We are working hard to accomplish our Goals, things take time. This is not La-La land (crypto world). Things in the real world take time. It will be finished when its finished. This is not financial advice. Do your own Due Diligence.